Sunday, April 6, 2008

How To Download the PNG File

Since about everyday, I get a message from one of you saying you don't know how to download the WordArt, I thought I'd take a minute and explain. If you're new and have never done it, someone needs to show you how, right? :) This is how to get the PNG file

First, don't right click on the WordArt. You LEFT click on it. It will take you to my 4shared account. From there, you'll see a garbeldy gook copy of the file (4shared doesn't know how to display png files).

Look under that. There should be a few boxes, with things like number of download, number of comments, last date of download, and junk. Now, look under that. There should be a part that says "Download Original Size". Click on the that, and a box will open that says "open with" or "save to disk". Click save to disk, and there you go! You now have the PNG file. Hope this helps :)

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